If you can't make it to a class, or if your circumstances don't allow it, never fear! We have you covered and you can still prepare for that positive birth. We have a variety of options available, plus more available at Hypnobirthing Australia™ HQ. 

Basics Package

Our course is Australia’s most popular online childbirth education course. It is very comprehensive and provides you with ongoing access to 6 hours of video tuition, mp3s, eBook, practice videos, online resources and support.  


Value Package - Basics Package + Change of Circumstances Course

This option is perfect if you are aiming for a natural birth but wish to be super prepared and have resources on-hand should you need a cesarean birth. It covers you well for either scenario. Includes both the Hypnobubs Online Childbirth Course PLUS the Change of Circumstances (Positive Cesarean) Course for a special value package price. 


Online course with 90 minute private session upgrade

Our online course PLUS a 90 minute private tution session with myself via Zoom. We strongly recommend this as it's an opportunity for you to ask questions and tweak techniques.


Online course with 3 hour private session upgrade

Our online course PLUS 3 hours of private tuition sessions with myself via Zoom to iron out any difficulties and truly make sure you are well prepared for that positive birth!